Diary: Diving safari in Bali, Day4: Singaraja


Day4: Singaraja



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We left the hotel after breakfast. I am going to dive near Singaraja, a town on the north coast of Bali. The town locates around at the middle of the northern coastal line. We spent about 1 hour to get to today’s dive sites.

Rice field directly faced on the coast. 10-step waking is enough to get in the sea from the rice field. It was comfortable being in such a scene with fresh air and green and blue colors. The site was a beach-entry site. You can find small creatures at this site. Waves were calm and I didn’t have any difficulty with the entry. The sand in the beach is black. I thought that it would made easy to take photos on the bottom because the black sand would prevented overexposure when I would use my strobes to photograph some small creatures on the bottom.

Puri jati

I made two dive the site, Puri jati, means a palace of teak. It is famous for muck diving, there are lots of interesting creatures, and It is popular among divers who love photography.

I realized that the bottom was not so muddy. There was black sand at the bottom. The bottom was a quite gentle slope, It was 10 meter deep at point 50 meters from the beach. The bottom became steep beyond there. The water temperature was 28 degrees Celsius. The warm water and the shallow sea allows a long comfortable search for creatures as long as you have air in your tank.

The first dive, for small creatures

A small sticking-out mouth is cute.

I wonder it is a kind of rockfish. A transparent and patterned small body was beautiful.

A young filefish. A young fish is as cute as other animals. It was coming and going above green sea weeds.

A young lion fish.

This is a kind of rockfish that has interesting shape.

I was an only guest for Derek the guide, that made it possible that I spent time for myself as long as I can. The dive time was 1 hour and 21 minutes, maximum depth was 10 meters.

Derek the guide floating in the beach where wave patterns on the sand was beautiful and the sunshine was comfortable.

The second dive, a little larger creatures

A creature which Luca told me that I should see so frequently was a coconut octopus. They use some piece of coconut peel or shell as a shelter or hiding place when they find them. After changing my lens to one for bigger objects, I started the second dive.

A school of striped eel catfish packed in a tire.

There it is. He seemed to have collected too many pieces of peel and not to be able to choose which one was good. I stared him for a while, but he would’t hide under the peel. I was not sure whether he was too scared or drained. I gave him up and went away from him.

The second octopus I came across had a perfect form. I wanted to see this. It was somehow humorous, he was serious though.

This was a relaxing diving. The dive time was 1 hour and 25 minutes, the maximum depth 8 meters. The dive ended soon after a grouper assumed a threaten posture when I approached it.

To Tulamben

After two dives at Puri jati, we started to move with quickly packed luggage. We was going to drive along the north coast to the east to a hotel I stayed today. An hour and half journey brought us to the place, Tulamben. The hotel was Puri Madha Dive Resort. It is faced to the beach for the entry to a very famous wreck diving site in Tulamben. I checked in the hotel, then prepared for the third dive of today.

The third dive was at Liberty ship wreck. There is an American cargo ship under the sea here. That was a sunset dive. The sun light poured into the wreck with good angle. The wreck gathered fish as a good fish reef.

I came out from the sea, after I had wonderful time for photographing the fish which gathered around the wreck. It is quite convenient that I am in the hotel ground as soon as I exit the site.

After taking a shower, I took my time to have dinner to recover as much energy as possible. I went to bed and fell asleep while looking forward tomorrow’s diving.

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